Over the course of my life as a Christian (I entered into a relationship with God and became a Christian in the late 1970’s) I have been involved in a number of different churches and have had some measure of contact with many more.

One thing has become painfully clear to me in all that time.

The Church in North America is resistant to God’s expressed will for how He wants the Body to be as described within the pages of the New Testament.

The very traditions of church life that have in the past led to division and strife continue to be embraced and indeed promoted. Denominationalism abounds. Many church leaders act more like their respective churches are their personal fiefdom. As if the members of the Church belong to them and not to God. Many feel threatened at the slightest questioning of their practices or their person. Others resist the operation of the Holy Spirit within members of the Body and cry foul regarding any attempt to free the Body to be all that the Lord wants it to be.

While church leaders are primarily to blame for the state of the church in North America of no less tragedy is the way so many church goers “go” to church (instead of being the church wherever they happen to be) Sunday after Sunday while living for themselves the rest of the week. Most know little of God in true relationship to Him. They refuse to come to Jesus through a surrendered faith that they might know Him intimately. Instead they remain content to stand aloof and know about Him with their head and not their heart.

In short the Church in North America is a mess.

I make such a seemingly brash and presumptious statement not based on what the Church is like compared to our society at large but rather against the backdrop of what the Church was meant to be by God Himself as written in the Bible.

The Church claims from every pulpit in the land that the Word (i.e. the Bible) is the ultimate authority on all things pertaining to life and godliness while ignoring many clear instructions in the very Word they profess to follow about how the Body ought to be.

Such a thing should not be and validates the very claim of many unbelievers that we are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Claiming one thing while living another.

On this website, I hope to lay out what the Lord’s will is with respect to how the Body ought to function here. We must know what the Lord’s will is in that regard before coming face to face with the need to do something personally about His will for the Body.

It is my hope and prayer that some of you reading this, might join me in working to see the Church rise up to once again shake our society and our world for the Kingdom of God. Rise up to be all she was meant to be by the Lord Himself.

Sadly, I do not believe that such a modern day reformation will occur within existing and visible church structures. We must embrace New Testament instructions left to us by God and let go of church traditions that interfere or make their application difficult if not impossible.

Most existing churches are not set up to embrace that kind of change. New wine is needed. But in line with Jesus’s words, new wine is best served up to hearts that are not content with the old and who are willing to embrace new ways of doing things. Such new wine needs new wineskins and cannot readily be stored in old skins (see Luke 5:36).

In other words trying to implement new ways of doing things (which are really not new but as old as the New Testament) into existing church structures that are intent on protecting the status quo and are comfortable with present day church traditions…won’t work. Christians must step outside of traditional church to implement God’s non-traditional ways of being the Body.

It will not be easy. Following the Lord never is. There is a price to be paid. But on the other side of the cross we must bear to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem there is a kind of Body life that a rare few have ever experienced. I have.

There is nothing greater in this life than to be a part of a Body that is free to be all that He wants us to be as He leads us by His living Spirit living within us.

If you live in the San Diego area (where I presently live) and wish to meet me and discuss these things in person please drop me a note by leaving a comment below any article here letting me know that you want to make contact. Leave your email (it can be a temporary free email account if you like) and I will make contact with you (I strongly suggest that you do not leave your phone number or other personally identifying information in a public comment that will be seen by anyone and everyone who might visit my site).


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